Our Process: How to design and build racquetball courts

Residential and Commercial Racquetball Courts

Let Allied Products Help Plan & Build Your Racquetball Court

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    Defining Your Court Goals:

    We help you examine your court’s usage (i.e. Gym, Private, School, Non-Profit Organization), and help you develop the ideal Racquetball/Squash/Handball court that meets all of your unique, specific goals. We help identify who will be using your new court, how often, whether or not insurance coverage is adequate, and other distinct needs. Our customized, industry-leading convertible Racquetball/Squash/Handball courts are a popular choice. We provide plans that will enable you to get a virtual experience of your new court in your home, gym, school, organization or other residential or commercial locale.

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    Defining Your Court’s Usage:

    We use CAD and PDF to help you decide on dimensions, style, and other features of your new Racquetball/Squash/Handball court. We utilize the best materials, such as Maple hardwood, tempered safety glass and other products to ensure the highest quality courts for your family, friends, or clients. Additionally, we utilize the highest construction and safety standards. You’re making an important investment—one that will add extreme value to your property, as well as, entertainment for your court’s users. We ensure development, planning and building of your court is an exciting and seamless experience. What do you want your court to provide for your family, friends or clients? We’ll help you define the most appropriate usage for your new court. Whether you desire a Racquetball, Squash, Handball or combination court, we will help you define the activities that will proceed on your new court.

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    Your Finished Court:

    You will be pleased with our top-notch construction, style, and material usage in your new court.  Your stylish, trendy Racquetball /Squash/Handball court will add aesthetics and a fresh, sporty appearance to your locale. Our expert construction team is licensed and supervised by Allied Products LLC. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We guarantee exemplary results that you will enjoy for life. We provide maintenance and repairs as necessary, such as floor re-painting, glass replacement, floor refinishing, and other maintenance, to ensure your floor remains vibrant and in great shape.

    Customized Courts, Floors and Other Projects: We customize Racquetball/Squash/Handball courts, as well as, other projects to meet your specific requirements, such as size, dimensions, performance, colors, hardwood color, cushioned flooring, court floor wood and paint color palette, and other features. Your customized court will beautifully enhance the appearance and feel of your locale. Our customized courts give your premises a health and activity-oriented atmosphere. We consult with you, one-on-one, to ensure our promise that a stylish, unique and exceptionally-constructed court is the ultimate result of our efforts. Our Customer Support Team: Our leading customer support team is on call to help with any Racquetball/Squash court issues. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, permitting us to fully back our extraordinary construction standards. Our factory direct alliances ensure you get competitive pricing and excellent custom design for your flooring, athletic surface or other project.

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    Evaluating Your Court Design:

    Our team will sit with you to evaluate you Racquetball/Squash design. We’ll help you choose the ideal location, help evaluate the site for needs such as permitting, city planning, erosion experts, utility services and other construction-assisting bodies.  We use some or all of the following materials in the construction of your customized court: [Add/Delete Features as desired]
    •     “Turnkey” Racquetball Court System
    •    Convert-a-Court System
    •    High Impact Design
    •    Hardwood Maple Flooring
    •    Moveable Glass Wall Systems
    •    Rewall Systems
    •    Fiberesin Panels
    •    Armourcoat Plaster
    •    Tempered Glass Walls and Doors
    •    Plastic Laminate High Impact Wall Panels
    •    Wood Flex Clip System